What You're Eating

That Cheap, Delicious Rotisserie Chicken

Episode Summary

In this episode we talk to experts about the real cost of a cheap chicken and who pays that cost, covering the problems with animal welfare, environmental impact and human health. And then we introduce you to alternatives, how chickens could be — and are — raised in a better way.

Episode Notes

So many home cooking food hacks start with a cheap rotisserie chicken — you know the one, $4.99 from Costco or maybe a touch more somewhere else. But why is that chicken so cheap? How was it raised and what’s even in it? What would it look like for farms to raise a chicken you could feel good about and how much would it cost? What would it taste like? Where can you find one of these chickens now? And why is it so hard to find them?

In this episode we talk to everyone from food policy experts to food label certifiers to farmers and chefs to dig into the economics, agriculture and taste of chicken.

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